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Requires Windows 95 & I.E. 4.0 or Greater Installed

Dear Friends,

It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or seasoned auction user you need this ebook! In this ebook you will learn the tips & tricks you need to be a success in the online auction game!

You will learn:
  • Best times to post auctions!
  • Secrets of feedback!
  • How to spot suspicious sellers!
  • Super power searching!
  • How to bid like a pro!
  • Much much more!

This ebook appeals to buyers and sellers! If you don't know everything about auctions you soon will with Auction Prophet! s

Order today and find out just how easy you can be a success with online auctions!

As always, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not honestly happy with what you discover...

Warmest Regards,

Get the most out of your auctions
as a buyer and seller for


P.S. You get full resell rights when you order. You get the product, complete website and a auction ad. Just plug in your name and address, upload it to your web site and start making sales. You keep the money!


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